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Protégez-Vous Recommended seal


Are you interested in using the Protégez-Vous Recommended seal? It can benefit your company in many different ways.

  • Improved visibility: Lets you leverage Protégez-Vous’ reputation
  • Increased credibility: Drives consumer purchases
  • Stronger brand capital: Reassures consumers that your product and brand are trustworthy
  • A quality guarantee: Indicates that your product is the best in its class
  • A key differentiator: Enhances your position in the market

Use the seal in your advertising campaigns:

  • On your website or retailer websites
  • In TV ads and radio spots
  • In your newspaper or magazine ads
  • On your point-of-sale displays

For more information

PV Media Kit (PDF)

PV User Guide (PDF)

Have questions? Contact our independent representative at [email protected].